SI*Star of Norway

Our story...

Ever since I was little I have been surrounded by domestic cats. I got my first kitten in 1998, when I was only 8 years old. She was truly something special. A stray, two month old fluff ball and I insisted we had to keep her. She had a tiger like pattern long hair and thick undercoat with an exceptionally long furry tail. To me, she was the most beautiful kitten in the world and my best friend at that time. Her name was ‘Pika’. One time, we had to take Pika to the VET when he told me that: “This kitten looks just like the Norwegian forest cat” and that was when I first heard of the Norwegian Forest Cat (NFO) breed. Naturally, I knew that Pika was no more than a domestic long-hair cat but my love towards her led me to find out more about the Norwegian forest cat. At that time, I came to realize that I would once like to own a Norwegian forest cat…
After 15 year, my wish came true and I got my first Norwegian forest cat HR*Svantevid A Star is Born (named ‘Perla’). Here and now, I started my journey towards raising Norwegian forest cats.
Our Norwegian forest cat lives in harmony with our second (domestic) cat, dog as well as our two bunnies. Everybody lives with us and are an important part of our family.
HR*Svantevid A Star is Born (Perla) has a beautiful long coat (color f 03 23). She is very playful, with a tendency to learn tricks and loves to be around people as well as other animals. We call her our little puppy as she is constantly following us around the house and tries to get as much attention as possible. She really is extremely social and pleasant, which fits the characteristics of the breed.
The name of our Cattery SI*STAR OF NORWAY is devoted to my first Norwegian forest cat HR*Svantevid A Star is Born (Perla). Seeing as she is our little star and her ancestors come from Norway it seemed the most appropriate name on how to best describe our Cattery and that I will strive to find the “stars” of the breed to raise the most beautiful representatives of the breed.
Mateja Udovič
Cattery SI*Star of Norway